Windows Installation Instructions

Monitiq Agent versions 1.5.x

  1. Download the latest Monitiq agent installer from
  2. Run the downloaded installer exe and follow the on screen instructions.
  3. If upgrading an existing installation, select the “Reuse the existing configuration from the previous version” option and click Install
  4. If you have a Jobs.ini file with your configuration settings available on your network, select the “Select a configuration file (Jobs.ini)” option, browse to your file, and click the Install button.
  5. Otherwise, set the scope key for your organisation (you will have received this in an email when you signed up).
  6. Set the target URL to
  7. If applicable, set the proxy information.
  8. Click the Install button.

The agent will run automatically when the installation completes.

Multiple host deployment

  • This install assumes that you have an administrator account which can access all the hosts you provide.

  • This install requires PsExec.exe to be installed on the deployment computer (available here).

  • The remote install procedure will work ONLY with windows 1.4 agents or newer.

On deployment computer:

  1. Download the file from the repository archive and extract to disk (Suggested folder C:\monitiq_rinst).
  2. Download the latest Monitiq agent installer from and copy to the folder you extracted the zip to.
  3. Edit the Jobs.ini file to use your scope, and to point to your target server (e.g.
  4. Edit the rinst_hosts.txt and add a line for each host you wish to install to (hostname, IP address etc).
  5. Edit the rinst.cmd file, changing the Hard-coded values section:
    • PATH_FOLDER – The path to the folder you extracted these files to
    • MONITIQ_INSTALLER – The full executable name, e.g. monitiq-agent-1.4.0-10.jre.exe
    • CRED_USER – Your administrative user account name
    • CRED_PASS – Your administrative user account password
  6. Open Command Prompt and navigate to the folder you extracted the files to.
  7. Run the command: cmd /k rinst.cmd
  8. This will install to each host provided, and keep the log in the Command Prompt window.


The windows agent has been tested on the following releases of windows.









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