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Choosing a provider and migrating BW on HANA to ‘the Cloud’

The Centiq Journey

The Cloud is amazing! The Cloud is easy. Why wouldn’t we move to the Cloud?

Unfortunately, migrating to the Cloud isn’t as simple as it often sounds. Cloud migration coincides with numerous uncertainties about costs, ongoing expenditure, security and network architecture. Suddenly you are uneasy... Wouldn’t it be so much safer to find a host, on-premise?

This is a common example of many IT departments when senior management mention “Cloud” as a solution for infrastructure resource problems (time, cost and people). It’s either too good to be true, too woolly, too complicated to manage and maintain, or too insecure. Before you know it, the Cloud dream is over.

When we decided to embark upon our very own Cloud journey, we experienced much of the same. However, as the determined bunch we are, we decided to explore some of the truths behind ‘Cloud’ migration. Here’s how our journey began.

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