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HANA Optimisation MiniPack

Stability and performance

This MiniPack is the service for you if you currently have SAP HANA installed, but you are looking to increase the stability and performance of your SAP HANA system.

How the HANA Optimisation MiniPack benefits you?

Whether you are looking at evolving your SAP HANA system or fine-tuning it, the Optimisation MinPack will present your team with options to smooth out any kinks your platform may have. This may improve reliability, reduce risk of outages and potentially reduce operational costs from call-out charges.

How is this achieved?

In short, it is ensured that all target systems are installed, configured and operated in accordance with SAP standards.

The four phases of the HANA Optimisation MiniPack:

  • Data Collection
  • Interim Report
  • Optimisation
  • Final Report