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Designing an SAP HANA system can be complicated and when it comes to deployment, there are many platforms to choose from. Each SAP product comes with its own set of rules and recommendations that need to be carefully considered and planned out during the design and deployment phase.

How the 'SAP HANA On' service benefits you?

Using experienced experts in designing and operating HANA systems minimises the risk of poor design and unsatisfactory project outcomes, especially when those experts have been building HANA systems since 2011. If it’s your first HANA implementation you may potentially face a lot of painful lessons. Getting a HANA Expert involved at the design stage creates a smoother process from start to finish.

How is this achieved?

Each of the hardware and cloud vendors also have their own base designs to conform to - and it keeps changing as the technology evolves. Whether you choose on-premise, hybrid or a cloud platform, designing a HANA system can be complicated and you need to make sure your solution is supportable, flexible, scalable, reliable, and highly available at an optimal cost. Make the wrong architectural decisions and you will take on high operational costs and deliver a poor service. This can be avoided with the correct support and a wealth of knowledge.

What do you get?

  • Discovery workshop to assess:
  • Your business goals
  • Your SAP application requirements
  • IT operational ambitions
  • Review of the sizing and capacity projections
  • Data lifecycle management review
  • Cost estimation for a short-list of Cloud or hardware vendors
  • Everything you need to make the right decision for your organisation