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Centiq Migration Services Blueprint for SAP HANA on Azure

When it comes to SAP HANA, the choices can be overwhelming. Understanding how SAP and Azure fit together and how to manage systems are some of the challenges faced by companies embarking on digital transformation projects. Although businesses are aware of the value of SAP HANA, the concern is that their digital future could signal high financial stakes.

Freeing up time to innovate, with SAP HANA and Azure expertise

“Of all the partners Arco has ever engaged with, Centiq was the most professional. They listened and came back with the exact requirements we needed.” - Mark Johnson, Lead Architect, Arco

With unparalleled SAP HANA expertise, Centiq offers expert managed migration services to Azure. Combining this with high-calibre consultants and architects, we provide trusted independent guidance tailored to your business.

Our innovative SAP HANA management tool, Optiq, delivers performance insights, while our DevOps team ensure a smooth journey to Azure. Free up time to focus on innovation, with ongoing managed services from HANA migration experts.

Download infographic: Transforming Your Business With SAP HANA on Azure

How We Can Help

For insights into what SAP outages are costing companies, as well as how Cloud is driving digital transformation, check out our infographic 'Transforming Your Business With SAP HANA on Azure'. We’ll also guide you through how working with Centiq can simplify your SAP HANA migration, using our Blueprint Customer Journey.

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