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Transforming and optimising SAP for your business


Partnering with experts to maximise the success of your SAP on Azure migration.


Finding the right partner to deliver beyond expectations

While there are many partners who could help you to migrate your SAP system to Microsoft Azure, Centiq have worked on SAP HANA transitions and transformations for over 10 years.

We are experts in SAP certified appliances and virtual machines, both SUSE and RedHat Operating Systems and their respective configurations, SAP HANA and HANA BASIS database management. With more than 35,000 SAP platform choices, we’re here to help you select the right one for your business now, and in the future.

How do you decide the right partner to work with to find the best platform for your business?

Customers select Centiq over other partners based on all of our SAP HANA qualities:

  • Deep technical platform expertise
  •  Extensive migration and management experience
  • Thought leadership in SAP HANA platform automation
  • Creative and personalised customer focus to each project and service wrap
  • Highly responsive and easy to work with
  • We do what we say –ask our Customers and Partners

Our focus and commitment guarantees that in every discussion, collaboration and project you work on with us, you’ll have a team of experts who are passionate about delivering the highest quality SAP on Azure outcome to your business.

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Discovery Assessment

Centiq is here as your trusted partner, throughout your journey.We are experts in designing, building, managing and evolving SAP HANA systems and this deep expertise has been built over 10 years, through thousands of SAP HANA installations and ongoing optimisation, as well as absolute focus to develop industry-defining thought leadership. We offer well-informed and well-founded consultancy services to define client requirements and design the SAP HANA platforms. Why not let us undertake a funded discovery assessment for your business? We’ll provide you with informed possibilities to enable your SAP platform transformation.

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Transition to your Managed Service

Our portfolio of services has been carefully constructed to provide our customers access to the right people and expertise throughout the end-to-end lifecycle of their SAP investment. Whilst building your SAP HANA platform, we ensure that the system reflects the criteria agreed during the design phase. At handover the SAP HANA platform is Business or Basis ready, depending on your preference. During this phase, key decisions will be made regarding the levels of availability, scalability and flexibility your business requires, all of which have a significant impact on the required platform architecture, and our design will reflect a cost-optimised end-to-end deployment.

Realtime Platform Insight

Your platform comprises many tightly integrated technologies, including the SAP HANA database, Linux Operating System and in-memory compute infrastructure, as well as the SAP applications themselves. Seemingly small issues can have severe effects on a business, and so comprehensive and real-time platform insight becomes vital. To address this, Centiq’s Managed Service leverages a combination of industry-leading tools, including SAP Solution Manager and our own in-house specialist SAP HANA platform monitoring tool, Optiq, to provide comprehensive and real-time insight. By automating these critical monitoring processes, Centiq ensures our consultants are freed up to proactively focus on delivering other valuable activities that optimises performance.

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The benefits of Managed Service

Many organisations select our Managed Service to ensure that they have round the clock access to the SAP HANA expertise required to meet demanding 24/7 SLAs, rapid problem resolution and de-risk complex upgrades, all whilst lowering the cost of operations. As the UK’s longest serving SAP HANA experts, we know how to leverage rich functionality within specialist management tools to deliver seamless support for the end-to-end platform. We also offer a cost-effective and low-risk migration, if required, leveraging SAP’s established methods and tools to facilitate the process.

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Bespoke for your business

Our highly flexible Managed Service enables our customers to fill in-house skills gaps, or use existing third-party expertise associated with the ongoing management of the SAP HANA platform. Our bespoke service is designed to meet each customer’s unique requirements, integrating seamlessly with existing service desk teams and processes, and offering robust SLAs to meet demanding business and IT needs. Our team of industry-leading SAP Basis, SAP HANA consultants and engineers deliver our Managed Services from our Head Office in Nottingham, UK, to customers across the globe. The team rapidly identifies and resolves incidents, problems and changes, as well as de-risking complex and time-consuming upgrades and processes.

Continuous innovation

We will work with your teams to ensure the people, process and technology are aligned to improve the successful evolution of your application infrastructure, helping you measure the continuous improvement through the following key performance metrics:

  • Delivery Metrics Objectives – reduce lead time and increase change frequency
  • Service Quality Metrics – reduce failure recovery time and increase the meantime between failure

We help organisations achieve incredible business results through more intelligent use of data and streamlined processes.


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