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Centiq transforms the complexity of the SAP landscape into automated workflows.


Why not consider a different way to view your SAP landscape?

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Modernise your processes, achieve results

The growing number of problems encountered when trying to manage increasingly complex IT using traditional methods of operation has created a need for new ways of working

The demands of modern enterprise typically require the need to scale – both in volume and frequency – whilst maintaining quality and consistency. This can often result in compromising stability to meet a relentless need for business change.

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Infrastructure as Code

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is used to describe a collection of practices for managing IT resources via programmable interfaces, rather than through a series of human activities.

Centiq leverage IaC to remove the complexity of SAP landscape management. We transform complex operational activities into simple automated workflows such as build system, test system, stop/start system, or failover system, and we keep this consistent across all system types whether they are clustered, have DR capabilities, or are running different SAP products such as S/4HANA or BW/4HANA. Even OS-specific differences are encapsulated within the workflows, so the user experience is identical no matter what OS you’re running.

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Challenges in managing SAP infrastructure

SAP landscapes are notoriously complex and bring a wealth of complexity to any business. There are no two systems alike, and over time, customisation has crept into SAP systems with the aim of producing better output, but instead leading to configuration drift.

The platform is fragile and critical. The fear of downtime and the impact it can have on the business often leads to a reduction in the frequency of system maintenance and improvement. In addition, SAP knowledge can often be spread over a number of teams and/or third parties, which can often lead to time delays when it comes to creating environments, delivering solutions and modernising processes.

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Make the move to Automation

Implementing change isn’t just about processes; it requires a cultural shift to ensure the best possible outcomes when onboarding new agile ways of working. The fear of a trade-off between accelerating change and ensuring stability can often be a barrier for organisations. Solving challenges with automation and Infrastructure as Code (IaC) eases that exchange. Centiq have successfully delivered transformations in many businesses using DevOps principles and IaC practices. This enables digital transformation and the ability to change targets with more frequent, automated deployments at scale, knowing that components previously open to human error are overcome by controlled, standardised configurations.

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Benefits of Infrastructure as Code

The many benefits to Infrastructure as Code (IaC) increase over time. One of the major assets is the ability to transform processes in quality assurance, testing and change management. Take a look at some of our case studies and you’ll see why we’re so proud of the success our completed projects have achieved in provisioning time, cost, quality, repeatability, and consistency. Automation and IaC techniques give you the capability to reimagine and revisit your traditional IT services and how they are delivered. They open up opportunities for you to drive the change agenda, whilst increasing quality, repeatability and innovation in increasingly complex IT environments.

We can help you transform your business using Automation and Infrastructure as Code to accelerate change without compromising stability.


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