Accelerated, sustained transformations.

Find out how to achieve ongoing, competitive and cumulative advantage.

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Sustained transformations change businesses

Sustained transformations involve process and platform consideration. To achieve evolution think about how your SAP services could be modernised by using new processes and converting ideas into initiatives, which in turn, create a better customer experience, as well as adding value that really impacts the bottom line.

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Accelerated change and transformation: the change agenda

Many SAP organisations find that changes to their SAP systems, platforms and applications can become complex, cumbersome and costly. The net result is that change becomes frustratingly slow and constrains the business, limiting its ability to deploy enhanced customer experiences, innovation and value.

One of the significant benefits of transformation is the ability to accelerate the frequency and rate of change, whilst maximising performance, stability and consistency. These objectives can appear to work against one another, however, as increasing the rate of change can introduce further stability, consistency and quality control issues. That’s where our experts can help you.

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The ability to execute

If organisations migrate or transform SAP to Azure but don’t adopt and adapt into a new operating model, the ability to execute will not evolve inline with the new capabilities. An improved ability to execute is represented by:

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    Change in mindset

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    Adapt and adopting processes, people and technology in collective and co-ordinated change

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    Removing blockers and constraints

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Goal Focus

In the midst of a major transformation and technological change, it is not uncommon to lose sight of the original business goals. It requires energy and effort to keep these goals evolving, but in focus. This is crucial to the continued improvement and success of the project. The most successful transformations are obsessed with goals. The following are often considered by successful organisations:

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    New metrics that measure ongoing change improvement (mean Time to Change, Between Change, to Next Change, Change Execution)

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    Customer experience focus translated from business goals rather than technology metrics (how it changes the customer experience can add the most value)

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    Incorporate the ‘How’ and the ‘Way’ with the ‘Why’ to deliver a holistic focus on the customer and business rather than on specific problems.

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    Cost optimisation


Continuous improvement culture

As the rate of change accelerates, the strong connections and links between change and improvement can become clouded.


Whether you manage change in a Waterfall, Agile, Iterative or Sprint-based methodologies, increased success relies on using metrics that ensure you focus on the greatest improvements by adding the highest value to your internal and external customers.

Centiq has a long history of helping customers get this right. Accelerated and sustained transformations are the foundation of our reputation. We place the customer at the heart of what we design, build, run and continually improve. Whether it’s our engineering team providing leading edge automation or our delivery technical support, you are supported by our ONE team — an extension of your team, and your safe pair of hands.

Successful transformations

Moving your SAP to the cloud, HANA, or S/4HANA can be complex. Our proven approach removes ambiguity and complexity to enable your successful transformation. Our Discovery Assessment allows you to understand and evaluate all the possibilities open to you.


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