In these latest releases of Optiq:

Optiq 2.4.0

New Features

  • Tagging Tool: ‘Monitored Services’ - Add the following tags to ‘Monitored Services’:
    • Monitiq tags.
    • ‘Private’ tags: Only visible to the user.
    • ‘Global’ tags: Available to all.
  • Save Filters Tool
    • Save a filtering selection for reuse in future sessions.
    • Share saved filters by making them available to other users.


  • Filtering selections are now displayed above Optiq tables and graphs.

Optiq 2.4.1


  • Server side improvements to filter caching.
  • Accounts admin table UI consistent with all other Optiq tables.
  • Missing data in CSV exports now included.
  • Optiq homepage blog widget dates are correct now.
  • The number of hardware items to pick from the count in the mobile mode for ticket creation is now accurate.
  • The sticky ‘Back to Tickets’ link when scrolling down a full view ticket is now consistently visible (was hidden when the user was at the base of the page).
  • UI tweaks to fields in the Contract table to make them fully consistent with all Optiq tables.
  • Improvements to saved filter names - will now not let the user save filter settings with no name in the name field.
  • ‘Show All’ button pulled into the centre under Optiq tables with the other pagination controls.
  • Group switcher quick-find field fixed - was intermittently closing upon field input.


  • Notification count in the Optiq navbar and browser tab are both formatted as a maximum of ‘99+’ each.
  • Notifications now have a more visible ‘NEW’ label if seen for the first time.

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