Capacity Planning: File Systems

The Capacity Planning feature set in Optiq has been extended by the addition of graphs that detail file system use by Host and can predict trend lines from the data.

Capacity Planning feature set in Optiq

Where in Optiq?

In ‘Capacity Planning’ alongside ‘HANA Memory’.

Note: HANA Capacity Analysis is now named HANA Memory after this release.

Capacity Planning


  • The graph shows one file system at a time. The UI above the graph has a drop down list of hosts. The disk use GiB (Y axis) is graphed over time (X axis).
  • Series for file system limit is shown in red (same as recommended 50% GAL limit for HANA memory).
  • There is a table below the graph which will by default display all file systems on all hosts ordered by the estimated time till capacity is reached. The user may select a row to load the data into the graph.
  • The table contains the data for:
    • Host Name
    • File System
    • Current Size (Amount Memory Metric GiB)
    • Max Data Capacity (Hard Limit Metric GiB)
    • Capacity (% Percentage)
    • Sample Period (Calculates the trend lines, growth rate and time until 100%)
    • Growth Rate (Calculated as GiB/Day from the graph sample period)
    • Time Until 100% (Calculated as GiB/Day from the graph sample period)
  • Optiq sharing, printing and data export tools are available in this feature.

Monitoring Widget links to relevant Alert Rule and Monitor

When in the ‘Monitoring Status’ widget the user can:

  • Link to the Alert Rule description by selecting the Alert Rule name.
  • Link to the Monitor in question on by selecting the Monitor name.

Monitoring status

‘View Documents’ button in Contracts

  • The user can select ‘View Documents’ to display documents relevant to a particular contract.

View documents button in contracts

  • The Documents table now has the columns ‘Contract Number’, ‘Contract Group Code’ and ‘Modified’.

Optiq version 2.7.5

Enhancements to Capacity Planning

  • Grab inside the sample period with the cursor to move whole period along the x axis (length of period does not change).
  • Grab the edges of the sample period with the cursor to change the length.
  • Rollover tooltip with metric details now pins to the right as default. Y axis scale is now visible.
  • ‘Sample period’ label and ‘Predicted from trend line’ label are now positioned above the graph rather than overlaying the graph.
  • Added more detailed info to the ‘About these metrics’ pop up.

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