A challenge many customers encounter is understanding how to optimise SAP HANA to maximise performance, availability, utilisation and return on investment.

How does Optiq benefit you?

Optiq is an SaaS based monitoring and optimisation tool for SAP tools, which has been specifically designed to run on HANA over the last 7 years.

Many customers already leverage other platform monitoring tools, such as Cloudwatch, SAP Solution Manager or ManageEngine but Optiq was written specifically to monitor, manage and optimise HANA.

Optiq is also accompanied by a team of dedicated HANA development specialists, continually refining and using deep learning from HANA systems to create a focused strategy, designed to optimise SAP HANA and S4/HANA.

Optiq main dashboard

How is this achieved?

The power of Optiq complements any existing monitoring or SAP Solution Manager configuration. It can also leverage this as one of many inputs to clarify and understand how HANA is performing.

What do you get?

Optiq customers have access to a detailed web portal which provides insight and historical reporting through a dynamic user interface which provides clear, well-explained information.

Optiq enables businesses to translate the system and process logs from SAP HANA, HANA BASIS and other SAP systems, complementing Solution Manager views, to enhance the understanding of how to optimise data within HANA and HANA workloads.

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See more about Optiq by checking out the demo: Optiq Demo