In this latest release of Optiq:

Optiq release

Alert Timeline

The Alerts timeline feature gives an overview of alerts raised against each rule showing the date and time, duration and severity of the alert.

Where in Optiq? In the ‘Support Desk’ section of the menu, under Alert/Event Management.

Support desk in Optiq


  • Alert Rules are listed in rows to the left hand side.
  • The main timeline area displays start and end points for events created from the Alert Rules in the left hand column.
  • There is a small timeline which displays Amber and Red Alert volume over time. This is also the ‘brush’ for the timeline below to provide users with a zoom function (as in other Optiq graphs).
  • The user can also click, hold and drag to perform a zoom on the main timeline.
  • The rollover tooltip displays the event details as well as the event description. Optiq share functionality is available for this feature.
  • The user can filter the timeline by ‘Tag’, ‘Type’ or ‘Alert Level’.

Series Legend in HANA Memory Graph

Users can now toggle series visibility in the ‘Hana Memory Graph’ in ‘Capacity Planning’. These are checkboxes above the graph.

Default File Names for Graph Exports

All of the filenames now have a ‘[organisation][feature][date]_[time]’ format.

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