In this latest version of Optiq:

Capacity planning enhancements:

  • Rollover Tooltip on ‘HANA Memory’ graph. This is now two columns, defaults to the right of the highlighted plot points and pins to the base of the graph.

  • Daily Minimum and Maximum GiB ‘In Memory’ with ‘Unloads’ or ‘No Unloads’. We now display the daily minimum and maximum GiB per day to toggle as a column range series. This series is by default hidden until the user selects from the key above the graph. We also detect and display the day where unloads have occurred signified by a noticeably darker tone in colour. See: High Charts for a basic demonstration of a 'column range series'.

  • Complimentary Colour Palette for HANA Memory Graph. A new more contrasting colour coded graph series for general UX improvement.

Optiq graph example

Optiq graph As well as:

  • Native select boxes for mobile. Drop down menus and select boxes will render as native on mobile devices for ease of use and reliability.