We've just rolled out a new feature for Optiq - web based notifications. If you've ever used Facebook, you should be immediately familiar with how it works. After logging in to Optiq, you will now find a bell shaped icon in the navigation bar:

Notification Bell Icon

If there are any notifications which you haven't seen before, the bell will have a little floating number next to it to indicate how many are waiting. Clicking the bell opens a drop-down menu containing a list of the most recent ten notifications waiting for you.

Notification Dropdown

Clicking the 'x' icons deletes the notifications. If you have more than ten waiting, you can click the "View All" link to see them all:

Notification View-All Initially we will be publishing notifications about support ticket updates, account invites, permission changes and new blog posts. In the future we plan to add additional types of notifications, such as Monitiq alerts and service status updates.

We also plan to add the ability to filter which notifications you see. Recognising that not everybody spends all day logged in to Optiq, we are investigating additional options for sending relevant notifications to you, such as email, native browser notifications and mobile phone push notifications.

Drop us an email to let us know what you think.