Important Note: This is a beta release and we advise continued running of the more stable version 1.6.6 unless the features detailed below are of immediate necessity.

New Features

  • Agent can be configured to run as a non-root user on all Linux platforms.
    If you are happy for agents to run under the root account (the current default), you don’t need to take any action, otherwise please contact us for further instruction.

  • New metric: 'File System Type'
    'File System Type' has been added to Linux File System agent.


  • Enforce the correct “lsb” dependency for SLES 10.
  • Increased heap memory size from 64MB to 128MB for AIX and Linux servers.

Universal Agent Package Dependency

  • If run in conjunction with the Universal Agent package then that Universal Agent package must be version 1.7.0 or above.