In this latest release of Optiq:

User-configurable dashboard added to home screen

Users will be provided with a default set of data widgets on their Optiq home screen. Some customisation of data and naming of widgets is available.
The widgets are:

  • ‘Monitoring Status’ - Shows the services that are in an alert state, the rule that triggered the alert when it was raised.

  • ‘Open Support Tickets’ - Show current support tickets by category, status or priority. Further widgets can be added by selecting the cog icon on an existing widget or selecting the ‘Add widget’ button on the home screen.
    Data can be displayed as either a ‘Bar’ or ‘Pie’ chart. The date range for inclusion can also be adjusted.

Dedicated Microservices

The previous microservices architecture gave us a single monolithic process containing functionality split at the library level. It is now split into smaller shared libraries and separated into multiple distinct applications. This should give us better performance and flexibility for deployment.