In this latest release of Optiq:

New features

  • Monitored Services - A new area under ‘Support Desk’, accessed through the side menu.

    • View Monitiq Services by Organisation and filter by service name, service status (Alerting or Silent) and by tag (for 'Service Group’ and ‘Scope’).

    • View which services are silenced or alerting or have a ‘scheduled silence mode’ (rollover for a quick view of times and dates).

    • Manually ‘silence’ and enable alerting on services in the expanded row .

    • Services that haven't posted for more than 10 minutes are also highlighted and may be hidden from the Monitiq RAG and Optiq.

    • ‘Schedule silence mode’ button - In the expanded row schedule a silence for a service (single event at present). Edit, clear and manually interrupt schedules.

  • Customer Documents - Download customer documents from Optiq that have been uploaded via NAV.

  • Centiq Footer - New footer to be more consistent with and link to

  • ‘Contact us’ detailed information - Customer guide to raising support calls launched by a button on the contact us page (previously in PDF format as ‘Raising a Support Call’ in Optiq v1 Contracts).

  • Notifications favicon - The browser tab for Optiq updates with an alert icon and also shows the number for new notifications.

  • Desktop Notifications - Get notified by the browser when an Optiq notification appears and the browser tab containing Optiq is hidden from view.

  • Blog Carousel - New blog carousel now running on the Optiq homepage.

Feedback and Bug Fixes

  • Contracts - Status name ‘Signed’ has been changed to status name ‘Active’. ‘Pending’ status is no longer shown in Optiq.

  • Contracts and Invoices time/date problems - UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) is consistent in Optiq and any conversion to GMT or BST disabled.

  • Tickets - Timestamp for ticket creation added to header area in full page view tickets.

  • Table pagination - ‘Show all’ function available at the bottom right of tables.

  • Accounts Admin - Extra feedback for the user added to give final check before sending an Optiq invite to an external user.

Access Optiq here