A few screenshots and sound-bites from my last on-line demo of our monitoring product “Monitiq”.

Resilience and Maintenance

HANA instance down example

At the top level we see that the organisations TBD, OTT and Centiq are in a red state. Drilling down on OTT reveals a HANA instance that is marked as down.


HANA Backup Fail

Using Monitiq to extend visibility of the HANA backup status to the Ops team.

image08 image07

Process fail

Critical processes detected as failed.



OS Metrics

Memory, CPU, IO, Paging rates, runqueue, network all graphed over 24 hours, 5 weeks and 12 months.


Aggregate the metrics (CPU/Net/Mem/Filespace/IO/Load) across a group of servers.

Useful for cluster analysis, p2v, virtualization workload analysis and DAS to Shared storage comparisons.


3D Model of the above with “grab and rotate” feature to see the graph from any angle.

See the blog post https://www.monitiq.com/understanding-monitiq-heat-maps-patterns/ for more information on heat maps.



HANA Query response time

An indicator of performance issues to correlate with the OS performance metrics.



Memory is a key metric for HANA capacity. See blog https://www.monitiq.com/sap-hana-memory-performance-capacity-metrics-reported-monitiq/ for more information on Memory metrics for HANA.


Data stored by cluster node

With SAP BW on HANA cluster not all nodes are equal So watch out, you might have capacity in the cluster, but run out of capacity on a single node!