Linux Installation Instructions

Monitiq Agent versions 1.5.x

Upgrading 1.4 to 1.5: See Monitiq Agent 1.5.0 in Release Notes

Using the yum installer on Redhat/Centos systems

(Recommended for systems with network connectivity to Centiq systems)

  1. install Monitiq-release rpm:
    # rpm -ivh
    (This also automatically installs our GPG key to the system to ensure the validity of the RPM package)

  2. Check for availability of Monitiq agent: # yum list monitiq-agent (there should be only 1 hit).

  3. Install Monitiq Agent: # yum install monitiq-agent

Manual rpm based install

If http access is available to the server, you can download and install it via:

Optional : Check GPG key

First download our public GPG key and import it

# rpm --import

Alternatively download the GPG key to your desktop and upload it,

# rpm --import /path/to/RPM-GPG-KEY-monitiq.public.gpg

Check the package has been signed with our valid GPG key

# rpm -K

You should see output similar to

monitiq-agent-1.5.2-645.el6.x86_64.rpm: (sha1) dsa sha1 md5 gpg OK

If you see output similar to

monitiq-agent-1.5.2-645.el6.x86_64.rpm: (SHA1) DSA sha1 md5 (GPG) NOT OK (MISSING KEYS: GPG#4543bb98)

You have not installed the GPG key on your system.

Install monitiq-agent RPM

Install the package using

# rpm -Uvh

alternatively download to local directory first e.g. /tmp.:

# rpm -Uvh /tmp/xyz.rpm

Agent configuration

# cd /opt/monitiq-agent/ ;

This command prompts for the following configuration information:

  1. Enter the server (
  2. Enter your scope key.
  3. Enter “y” to select https communications.
  4. Select “n” for direct communication or “y” to use an http proxy
    • Enter the proxy information as required.

The setup will then test the connection details and confirm the installation is complete. Additional options for MySQL monitoring and process based monitoring follow.

This will create a Jobs.ini and Jobs.xml file within


– The Jobs.ini file can be copied to other servers for scripted installs.

When configuration is complete the Monitiq host agent software can be started.

Agent Startup

Now start the agent

# service monitiq-agent start

And enable the agent for server restarts

# chkconfig monitiq-agent on

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