HANA On... Your Infrastructure Choices

As you may have read on our website, Centiq is holding a series of webinars on SAP HANA. The first, going live on September 21st, focuses on the various infrastructure deployment options for HANA to help you discover which platform best suits your organisation’s needs.

Designed to help you unpack the complex realm of SAP HANA and distinguish between the various options available to your business, the series will begin by tackling the ‘On-premise vs Cloud and Hybrid’ argument, highlighting the challenges you’re likely to experience along the way.

There are many issues surrounding a HANA deployment, from meeting financial objectives to reaching appropriate security levels and ensuring the future ambitions for the deployment provide ROI. Each need to be weighted and will, ultimately, underpin the final decision.

What are my choices?

So you’ve made the business case for HANA, what’s next? It’s time to decide on the best way to deploy HANA for your organisation.

While we see heavy transition to the cloud, HANA On-premise options are still high in demand. There are several reasons for this. Many enterprises prefer to install in their own data centres and have full control. This webinar will explore the benefits of the various HANA On-premise solutions. From standard on-premise HANA appliance deployments, to more complex Tailored Data centre Integration (TDI), Centiq’s HANA experts will demonstrate the different on-premise options to give you maximum flexibility from the appliance, allowing you to closely align HANA with the standards and expectations of your organisation.

The webinar, hosted by Robin Webster, Steve Stringer and Matt Lovell, Centiq, will then explore the SAP HANA on Cloud solutions. In this category, there are broadly three options:

  • Public Cloud
  • HANA Enterprise Cloud
  • Private Cloud

There are a number of benefits to deploying HANA in The Public Cloud. After all, Google, Microsoft and Amazon all provide certified production instances for HANA, and can demonstrate cost-effectiveness, as you can power-off nonproduction systems. However. The Cloud is not immune to faults. This webinar will look at the costs and benefits of a Public Cloud to help you make your decision.

Finally, HANA on Hybrid Cloud for those who want cost effective on-premise solution for “always on” systems and the flexibility of the Public Cloud for non-production purposes.. The webinar will elaborate on the reasons why, or not, to implement HANA on Cloud Hybrid.

Choosing the right infrastructure for SAP HANA is more complex than it often sounds. We want to help you ensure you find the most suitable option for you.

Please join us and register for the webinar here.

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