About Debunking the 3 myths of HANA

Debunking the 3 myths of HANA

Polled from 250 different UK organisations of varying sizes (1,001 to over 10,000), this research delivers user experience from both current SAP HANA licensed users and those looking to deploy the platform.

SAP HANA can have an aura of confusion surrounding it at times and a lot is assumed about the tool. Often, the biggest questions surrounding SAP HANA involve: cost, implementation time, and the functionality the tool has in terms of analytics.

This research piece looks to dispel the rumours and deliver the hard facts on what licensed HANA users and those looking to implement the platform have experienced.

White paper contents:

1) HANA is misunderstood

2) Myth 1 - HANA is too expensive

3) Myth 2 - HANA takes too long to implement

4) Myth 3 - HANA is only about the analytics

5) The journey ahead

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