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Data Warehousing Terminology – “Jump Start”


Anyone will tell you, today's technological environment is full of Three Letter Acronyms (TLA), not to be confused with, plain initials (e.g. TLA).

"What's the difference?" I hear you say, well an acronym can be pronounced. It also does not have to be a real word. That's why SAP is an acronym, HANA is an acronym, and TLA is not.

Working in the SAP environment for many years, I see the inevitable increase in the number of acronyms and initials, as new technology comes on board. Some obvious, some guessable, some doubling up with others, etc... you get the picture.

So, I started out by creating this list just for myself. To summarize, articulate and gather in a single location, the various definitions. It was then adopted by our Sales Team as a "Jump Start", at which point I thought about putting it here.

It does contain some SAP specific details such as transaction codes and screen shots, however, they should not be required knowledge.

It is not alphabetically ordered at this stage so I suggest performing a +F to find something.

I will also put supporting links where I find them useful.

I know Wiki is out there and very useful, so this document is not intended to replace or duplicate it by any means. In places it may not be complete. (I welcome help)

This document also relies on some basic SAP knowledge. It is not a "dummies guide to SAP".

Due to the technological nature, some explanations use terminology further explained within this document. So you may find yourself looking up other terms. Otherwise, I would be explaining the same terms more than once, in various locations.

This is a work in progress and likely to grow as I find time to add new items. Please get in touch with me if you find errors, or have some new input. No doubt, not everyone will agree with my definitions and I'm probably getting myself into a bashing.

But for now here it is, and let's see where it goes...

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