The development team has been pretty busy these past few weeks especially since we have a new tool to play with!

As part of our efforts to establish our innovations at the centre of the fast-growing HANA development community, we have been working on developing a Command Line Interface we call CenSQL.

Developers like us are increasingly spanning two different skillsets, that of development and those of operations, in what has become known as DevOps. And as the use of DevOps techniques increases rapidly amongst HANA users, we are struggling to meet continuously more exacting productivity targets.

This constant battle to stay ahead of business demands can make the lives of the team here increasingly time-constrained. Basic processes, such as checking memory allocations, balancing workloads and avoiding any impact on production systems, cannot be neglected despite the constant demand for more efficient code production.

The product came about as we found we needed a means to accelerate our development efforts. Like our CEO likes to say, our motto is to ‘Get the job done’. That though means we often have to break new ground whether this means cutting new custom code, configuring new systems or creating from scratch new capabilities, like CenSQL.

Our CenSQL interface makes life easier for under-pressure DevOps teams as it:

  • Provides a powerful user interface with easily accessible system insights, allowing them to visually monitor key metrics during the coding process.
  • Gives its users the ability to investigate and troubleshoot possible issues with data or system health and be more productive.
  • Has many built-in commands useful for exploring/researching HANA features.

After building it, it became apparent that, just like Optiq, our state-of-the-art monitoring and visualisation platform, it was too good to keep to ourselves so we thought the right thing to do was to offer it to you all as an open source download and share its ability to speed up HANA development.

Check out CenSQL here.