HANA Universal Agent 1.7.8


Bug Fixes

  • Revamped universal agent hana_db_fp_v2 collects the data footprint relating to the distribution of tables and BW objects across a clustered environment. The original footprint monitoring agent hana_db_fp has been removed from the package.

HANA Universal Agent 1.7.7


New Features

  • Add the directories of XFS mount points to the metrics posted by hana_clstr_gpfs.

Bug Fixes

  • Ensure Centiq Backup results are reported in Optiq Monitoring. Backup results were not previously reported when the results contained carriage returns.

HANA Universal Agent 1.7.6


BUG Fixes

  • Remove dependency on SSH in the Centiq Backup OS module. The dependency caused the OS backup to fail under certain SSH configurations.
  • Universal Agents hana_db_row_col_memory and hana_db_row_col_memory_by_node report correct Global Allocation Limits for tenant databases.

HANA Universal Agent 1.7.5


New Features

  • Extend agent hana_clstr_gpfs to monitor fileset inode usage.

Bug Fixes

  • Ensure Agent hana_clstr_gpfs posts information for a file system which has no quota management enabled.

HANA Universal Agent 1.7.4


New Features

  • New universal agent hana_node_bcache monitors bcache health and statistics.

HANA Universal Agent 1.7.3


Bug Fixes

  • Fix universal agent hana_clstr_nodes to report GPFS metrics when the Optiq Monitoring Agent is running as a non-root user.

HANA Universal Agent 1.7.2


Bug Fixes

  • Ensure Centiq Backup never trims the catalog shorter than the backup history. This allows easy restore of a HANA database using Centiq Backup.

Optiq Monitoring Agent Dependency

HANA Universal Agent 1.7.2 requires Optiq Monitoring Agent version 1.6.8 or above to be installed.

HANA Universal Agent 1.7.1


New Features

  • Add support for universal agents written in java.

Optiq Monitoring Agent Dependency

HANA Universal Agent 1.7.1 requires Optiq Monitoring Agent version 1.6.8 or above to be installed.

Optiq Monitoring Agent 1.6.8 Beta


Important Note: This is a beta release and we advise continued running of the more stable version 1.6.6 unless the features detailed below are of immediate necessity.

Bug Fixes

  • Ensure that monitored data eventually gets sent to the Optiq Monitoring server even if earlier attempts to send that data failed.

Optiq Monitoring Agent 1.6.7 Beta

Important Note: This is a beta release and we advise continued running of the more stable version 1.6.6 unless the features detailed below are of immediate necessity.

New Features

  • Agent can be configured to run as a non-root user on all Linux platforms.
    If you are happy for agents to run under the root account (the current default), you don’t need to take any action, otherwise please contact us for further instruction.

  • New metric: 'File System Type'
    'File System Type' has been added to Linux File System agent.


  • Enforce the correct “lsb” dependency for SLES 10.
  • Increased heap memory size from 64Mb to 128Mb for AIX and Linux servers.

Universal Agent Package Dependency

  • If run in conjunction with the Universal Agent package then that Universal Agent package must be version 1.7.0 or above.

HANA Universal Agent 1.6.18


Bug Fixes

  • Centiq Backup removes out of date Backup Catalog files. This reduces file system storage space requirements.

HANA Universal Agent 1.6.17


New Features

  • Add option to Centiq Backup to allow the specification of a configurable list of directories to be excluded from a backup. The list can apply to the OS and GPFS backups.
  • Add Exit Code and Message fields to the information collected by universal agent hana_backup_status. The Message field will provide details as to why a backup failed.
  • New universal agent hana_db_workload provides information relating to HANA database workload.

HANA Universal Agent 1.6.16


New Features

  • Centiq Backup runs on all nodes in a cluster. It is now the responsibility of each node to backup its own master data. This avoids the previous problem where there was a possibility that one node might not be able to access all the HANA instances it was attempting to backup.

Bug Fixes

  • Ensure that Centiq Backup will retry a failed rsync copy using the existing link-dest folder rather than creating a new folder. This previously affected the modules for OS and GPFS backups.

HANA Universal Agent 1.6.15


New Features

  • New universal agent hana_node_imm monitors IMM2 Power supply status on Lenovo System X servers.
  • New universal agent hana_db_data_volume monitors the size of HANA data footprint on disk.

Bug Fixes

  • Ensure hana_db_raid identifies and reports failure of Battery Backup Unit on IBM/Lenovo server RAID controllers.

HANA Universal Agent 1.6.14


New Features

  • Make Centiq Backup configurable to allow the skipping of a HANA database backup on a per instance basis.
  • Extend hana_node_ssd to support data collection from the Lenovo SSD Wear Gauge Tool.

Bug Fixes

  • Ensure hana_db_heartbeat identifies and reports HANA instances that have not been configured to post to Optiq Monitoring.

Optiq Monitoring Agent 1.6.6



  • Add support for Optiq Monitoring on AIX 7.2.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix command line warning displayed during agent installation on SLES 11. The fix ensures that runlevel 4 remains disabled.
  • Fix retrieval of resident set size metric in the Process monitor (Linux). The metric is now retrieved from /proc//status file.
  • Fix problem starting agent on upgrade. The problem occurred when the universal agents had been registered using agent version 1.4 or lower.

HANA Universal Agent 1.6.13


New Features

  • New universal agent hana_db_fp collects the data footprint relating to the distribution of tables and BW objects across a clustered environment.
  • hana_clstr_gpfs collects XFS Quota information.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix configuration issue to allow tenants that share the same database name to post from a multiple tenancy environment.
  • Ensure consistency in the treatment of host names when posting from Universal Agents. This scenario occurs on machines that run Red Hat where the FQDN is sometimes supplied.
  • Add ALERT_ID to the information collected by hana_db_alerts.

HANA Universal Agent 1.6.12


New Features

  • Revamped universal agent hana_db_data_io_v2 collects HANA table and column displacement metrics (i.e. data that has been moved into and out of memory).

Bug Fixes

  • Filter unwanted header information for agent hana_clstr_nodes on Red Hat Linux over SSH.
  • Add support for multiple NFS types to agent hana_nfs_client .

Optiq Monitoring Agent 1.6.5


Bug Fixes

  • Ensure AIX file system agent continues to post when no inode information is available. This occurs for NFS version 2.

HANA Universal Agent 1.6.11


New Features

  • Add details to the long-running statement alerts output by agent hana_db_alerts.

Bug Fixes

  • Prevent Centiq Backup deleting ad hoc backups.
  • Agent hana_db_heap_memory posts data specified by host and port.
  • Agent hana_db_data_io removed from package. An improved version will be released at a later date.

Monitiq Agent 1.6.4


This agent supersedes Monitiq Agent 1.6.3 which contained a bug in the Linux AppMon agent and has been withdrawn.


  • Improve feedback when connection test fails by giving error message and status.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix problem with Windows network agent when Link Speed is not available on Windows 2003.
  • Allow Linux AppMon agent to be keyed by process name or by process name and user.
  • Fix core dump creation on POWER8 due to the default configuration of IBM Java 8 supplied within the Monitiq Agent.
  • Ensure that proxy port falls within the valid number range (1024 and 65535).
  • Fix problem writing proxyUserAndPasswordEncrypted field into Jobs.ini when proxy user and proxy password are not entered during configuration.

HANA Universal Agent 1.6.10


New Features

New universal agent hana_db_data_io collects HANA table and column displacement metrics (The data that has been moved into and out of memory).

Monitiq Agent 1.6.2


This agent supersedes Monitiq Agent 1.6.1 which contained a bug in the Linux AppMon agent and has therefore been withdrawn.

New Features

  • Added lsb-release as dependency for SUSE.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Linux AppMon agent to post with epoch time in seconds as opposed to milliseconds.

HANA Universal Agent 1.6.9


New Features

  • Added timeout option to rsync command in Centiq Backup. The value of the timeout is set in configuration file backup.cnf.

Bug Fixes

  • Correct problem parsing output from df command when running hana_nfs_client on SLES 12.
  • Prevent error in agent hana_db_alerts when there are null values for Alert Details.
  • Add /sapmnt/shared to the list of locations used when searching for installation directories.

Monitiq Agent 1.6.1


New Features

Added proxy user, proxy password and UseSSL configuration options to Windows installer.
Added --postone command to post O/S metrics individually.
Added --broadside command to post all O/S metrics.

This release was withdrawn on 24.10.2016. Please update to Monitiq Agent 1.6.2.

HANA Universal Agent 1.6.8


New Features

  • New universal agent hana_db_heap_memory displays the largest consumers of HEAP memory by category.
  • Add logging of rsync errors when running the Centiq backup.
  • Add /hanaext to the list of locations used when searching for installation directories to support HANA on IBM in a DR scenario.

Bug Fixes

  • Prevent error when running hana_clstr_nodes on a quorum node.

Download HANA UA 1.6.8

Monitiq Agent 1.6.0



New metric 'Link Speed' added to Windows and AIX Network agents.
Add logging for command line activities.
Additional scheduling options on the command line via option --sched

  • schedule list displays new fields 'agent type', 'agent name', 'path', 'interval' and 'next predicted date/time'.
  • change agent posting interval to a second resolution.
  • enable or disable an individual agent.

Bug Fixes

'Linux information' agent gets model and serial number from file system when command dmidecode is not available.

HANA Universal Agent 1.6.7


Bug Fixes

  • Ensure that hana_db_backup_status sends the backup's final status.
  • Allow the use of system calls to rotate files in Centiq backup. This is a configurable option.
  • Centiq backup ignores spurious rsync warning messages.
  • Fix registration errors for universal agents running in a cluster.

Download HANA UA 1.6.7

HANA Universal Agent 1.6.6


New Features

Post the total number of HANA alerts in hana_db_info. This can suggest the need for housekeeping to prevent problems which occur when the number of entries gets very large.

Bug Fixes

Fix problem with hana_db_backup_status agent determining the HANA version on HANA SPS 6.
Fix problem associating interface IP addresses with host names in the install module for the Centiq Backup process.

Download HANA UA 1.6.6

HANA Universal Agent 1.6.5


New Features

Improve error reporting and handling when running the Centiq backup.
Add timezone to output from the backup.
Installer skips configuration for HANA instances with STANDBY roles.
Add serial number to keys reported by hana_node_hostinfo to support QPI scaling.
Add ability to use an alias rather than the System ID as an identifier for a HANA post.

Bug Fixes

Fix backup scheduling and rotation.
Fix problem backing up tenants with database names containing an underscore.
Ensure hana_node_global_allocation posts against the container rather than the HANA System ID for replicated multi-container systems.

Download HANA UA 1.6.5

HANA Universal Agent 1.6.4


New Features

Universal agent hanadbbackup_status runs on HANA versions of SPS 8 and above.

BUG Fixes

Add file locking to prevent potential corruption of the messages data file used by the status agent.

Download HANA UA 1.6.4

HANA Universal Agent 1.6.3


New Features

Refactor configuration information into static and mutable elements.
Add /sapmntext directory to search path for HANA configuration.

BUG Fixes

Remove caching to ensure HANA Cluster Node agent always posts up to date information.
Add hana_node_ua_list to the universal agents using standard agent scheduling.

Download HANA UA 1.6.3

HANA Universal Agent 1.6.2


New Features

New Universal Agent hana_node_ua_list. This agent displays registered agents and their schedules.
Change to Universal Agent scheduling. Scheduling is now controlled by the monitiq agent rather than independently.

BUG Fixes

Resolve issues with non-unique instance names when running backups.

Download HANA UA 1.6.2

HANA Universal Agent 1.6.0


New Features

Universal Agents support HANA tenants.
Installer registers appropriate scripts for LENOVO systems.

BUG Fixes

HANA Universal Agents continue to post data when some instances fail to connect in a multi-instance environment.
Prevent GPFS backup taking a backup of the database.
Prevent installer breaking when command dmidecode is not available.
Improve GPFS failure reporting (hana_clstr_nodes).

Download HANA UA 1.6.0

HANA Universal Agent 1.5.10


BUG Fixes

Allow HANA database backup and Log pruning to ignore query timeout.

HANA Universal Agent 1.5.9


BUG Fixes

Display error on HANA database backup reporting.
Synchronize backup numbers to be consistent across all backup types.
First backup number is configurable.
Force weekly backup on first backup run.
Add hostname to directory containing the O/S backup.

Monitiq Agent 1.5.3


New Features

Increase the maximum number of rows allowed in a Universal Agent post to 2048.

BUG Fixes

Fix problem parsing lsvg command output (volume group information) in AIX Volume Group and AIX Logical Volume agents.

HANA Universal Agent 1.5.8


New Features

New universal agent to monitor the state of HANA database backups (hana_db_backup_status).Requires HANA version SPS 09 or later.

BUG Fixes

Add file locking to prevent corruption of shared summary data file used by HANA alerts and unloads agents.

Monitiq Agent 1.5.2


New Features

Agent checks monitiq security certificate on posting data.

BUG Fixes

Time retained on host added for history posts. Allows accurate calculation of post creation time.

HANA Universal Agent 1.5.7


BUG Fixes

Fix Java HANA client database connection issues.
Prevent reconnection attempts which would result in database lockout for the monitiq database user. Connection problems are advised in the heartbeat post.

HANA Universal Agent 1.5.6


BUG Fixes

Change backup processing to include HANA global configuration files.

HANA Universal Agent 1.5.5


New Features

Add certificate validation to universal agent hana_db_xsengine.

BUG Fixes

Instance specific configuration fixes hana_db_heartbeat posting a false fail in a cluster scenario.
Fix specification of time window for selection of unloads in hana_db_csunloads.

Monitiq Agent 1.5.1


New Features

New metric posted by Linux Network – Link Speed.

BUG Fixes

Agents store history in memory to allow them to continue operation when the file system is full.

HANA Universal Agent 1.5.4


New Features

Timestamp and add version number to backup log entries.
Prevent multiple backups running at the same time.
Do not run backup if the destination NFS/File System is not mounted.
Backup system maintains its own logs.

Monitiq Agent 1.5.0


New Features

  • AIX/Linux agent runs on Java 8 (64 bit package)
  • Windows agent runs on Java 8 (32 bit package)

BUG Fixes

  • Limit the number of cores Agent uses


  • From version 1.5.0 the agent will only support 64 bit AIX and Linux. If you need an agent for a 32 bit AIX/Linux please use the latest version 1.4.x.
  • From version 1.5.0 the agent will only support AIX6100-07 and later, due to the limitation of Java 8. If you use AIX 6100-06 or earlier, you will need to stay on agent version 1.4.x. We will continue to provide limited critical bug fix releases in the 1.4.x packages, but no new functionality.
  • Upgrade method from agent v1.4.x to v1.5.0 Linux and AIX: The standard upgrade method will not work. You will need to remove the old agent with “rpm -e monitiq-agent” then follow the installation instructions.
    Windows: Run the agent setup and follow the on-screen instructions.

Yum upgrade instructions

yum remove monitiq-agent monitiq-release
wget http://repo.monitiq.com/agents/Linux/EnterpriseLinux/monitiq-release-2.6-2.noarch.rpm
yum install --nogpg monitiq-release-2.6-2.noarch.rpm
yum clean all
yum --disablerepo=* --enablerepo=monitiq install monitiq-agent
service monitiq-agent restart

Monitiq Agent 1.4.17


New Features

New metric posted by Linux Memory – GiB Unreclaimable Slab

HANA Universal Agent 1.5.3


New Features

Add Info column to universal agent hana_db_xsengine.

BUG Fixes

Make error handling in universal agent hana_db_xsengine more robust.

HANA Universal Agent 1.5.2


New Features

Java client for all HANA universal agent scripts.
New universal agent hana_db_xsengine monitors connectivity to XS engine.
Add error handling to the Java client that is used by all HANA universal agent scripts.
The Unloads universal agent posts a row when no data is found. This ensures that a traffic light is displayed in monitiq.
The Alerts universal agent posts a row when no data is found. This ensures that a traffic light is displayed in monitiq.
To reduce the number of misleading alerts, the database connectivity test reported by hanadbheartbeat was changed to a simple connection test rather than an sql query that depended on the statistics server operation.

BUG Fixes

Fix DR node processing bug in the Heartbeat universal agent.
Fix issue maintaining symbolic links to configuration folders.
Backup system ignores DR instances.
Fix unique key issue in summary scripts.
Fix bug in RAID script.

Monitiq Agent 1.4.16


New Features

UA: monitiq command shows scheduler policy (-l) and cron expression (–sched -l)
All: self monitor/reviver monitors the number of threads and file descriptors

BUG Fixes

Missing resource management

HANA Universal Agent 1.4.1


New Features

Consolidation of hana status and info scripts into one info script.
Validation of path entered to Solid State Drive Utility.

BUG Fixes

Log installation errors. Stop further modules from running following an installation error.
Fix issue of not displaying all node data in host conf script when running in a cluster.
Fix issue of STANDBY node data not being sent in the heartbeat post.
Remove duplicate key data from the hana info script.

Monitiq Agent 1.4.15


New Features

UA: Cron scheduler
All: Improved logs

BUG Fixes

Windows: Memory leak (was in third party library)

HANA Universal Agent 1.4.0


New Features

Further improvements to how the Universal Agent finds the HANA client location.

BUG Fixes

Fix problem with agents in clusters accessing shared configuration files.
Fix key error issue with fusion IO agent.

Monitiq Agent 1.4.14


New Features

UA: Duplicate key data syntax check
All: Heap dump on out of memory
All: Self monitor/reviver

BUG Fixes

Windows: Race condition on vbs files
Windows: Agent uses retry
Windows: Timeout on cscript.exe execution

Monitiq Agent 1.4.13


New Features

UA registration is faster
Linux Monitiq agent builds start on boot
Posts are kept in local disk for up to 7 days with network outage. Agent resends kept posts once network recovers.

BUG Fixes

Serial Numbers on AIX systems show 7 digits
UA events’ missing alias and script
Windows agent – better resouce closure

HANA Universal Agent 1.3.7


New Features

Universal agent script monitors global allocation limit settings against recommended limits.
Universal Agent installer recognises DR nodes. DR nodes will not post metrics to monitiq.
HANA heartbeat universal agent is now cluster aware. The data posted by the agent includes a summary of the overall cluster status.
Improvements to how the Universal Agent finds the HANA client location.

BUG Fixes

Summary scripts no longer post for offline instances.

Monitiq Agent 1.4.12


New Features

Speed up UA registration and de-registration
Agent retries for 10 days when a scope becomes invalid
ErrptSumm gent: LOG_REG_WRAP event will be ignored
Agent update automatically changes target monitiq.com to agent000.monitiq.com
monitiq -t option adds a round-trip connection test
monitiq -v option shows Java version and bitness

HANA Universal Agent 1.3.6


New Features

New RAID card universal agent, consolidates 2 existing agents and adds new metrics.
New FIO universal agent, consolidates 2 existing agents and provides monitoring of SSD wear gauge.
Installer now runs remotely.

BUG Fixes

Fixed HANA node info agent.
Fixed HANA node HP Power agent.

HANA Universal Agent 1.3.5


New Features

Improved user workflow when running the installer.
New script for monitoring HANA replication.

BUG Fixes

Fix issue with identifying HANA instances using SAP Services.
DB credentials preserved from previous install.

HANA Universal Agent 1.3.4


New Features

Unloads summary to reduce flooding of unclosed alerts
Events summary to reduce flooding of unclosed alerts
Central configuration file
Improved installer

BUG Fixes

Row/Column by node supports further cluster scenarios
Database user no longer expires

Monitiq Agent 1.4.11



Agent Install event reports version
Reboot event reports number of days since reboot
Universal Agent reports when no data is available
AIX errpt summary
Agent connection test tool: -t option
Separate Universal Agent log
Log reports monitor concerned
LINUX Network copes with a bondmaster that has no slaves

HANA Universal Agent 1.2.5


BUG Fixes

IBM hardware scripts now registered by the installer
Renamed directories to ensure new scripts are properly registered
FIO status fixed

HANA Universal Agent 1.2.4



Add backup monitoring script
Add NFS monitoring script


Changed name of hana_db_hosthanadb to hana_db_hostconf

HANA Universal Agent 1.2.3



Updated database configuration
List installer files
Error messages rewritten following user feedback

onitiq Agent 1.4.10


Linux Info Monitor

Uptime since boot + last boot for info monitor

AIX DiskUse Monitor

Average wait metrics for AIX DiskUse

AIX DiskUse Monitor

Bug fix for massive numbers

Windows Services Monitor

Bug fix ProcessId not null

N.B. The 1.4.9 agent was not released to the public

Yum 2.4-3


Fix paths for agent repository

HANA Universal Agent 1.2.1



Added support for HP Hana systems.

Monitiq Agent 1.4.8


Proxy authentication.

Allows agent posts via an authenticating proxy. Set up with monitiq -c

Windows Services BUG fix.

Fixes alerts produced by empty data.


More specific messages in the logs on error.


Make the agent directory read-only to root.

Jobs.xml auto-recreation

Previously, when updating Jobs.ini you would need to delete Jobs.xml for this file to be regenerated, this is now done automatically by testing the timestamp on the file.