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About Centiq

Our Vision

To be recognised as an innovative market leader in the delivery, support and optimisation of Cloud based platforms and services.

Our Mission

Centiq are trusted experts in Cloud infrastructure and SAP HANA platforms. Our mission is to make customers more successful by simplfying and optimising platforms, accelerating and de-risking deployment. We achieve this through our Cloud and infrastructure expertise, rich insight and managed services offerings.

About Us

Founded in 1998, over the last 20 years, Centiq has developed specific expertise for In-memory applications and outcomes. Specialising in services for SAP HANA and converged infrastructure, both in the Cloud and on-premise,has enabled us to create amazing real-time opportunities for our customers. We’ve facilitated these outcomes through provisioning, managing and optimising our customer’s toolsets, by analysing performance, infrastructure, data, applications, interfaces and processes to achieve landscape optimisation.

Our team develops our own tools, processes and methodology to support our in-memory experts, who focus on enabling faster, more integrated and innovative outcomes with our customers. With our key application support partners, we now offer our customers functional support in all SAP HANA applications as well as SAP Business One.

We are vendor independent, which enables us to identify, provision and continually optimise our customers’ platforms for SAP HANA. Whether this is AWS, Google, Azure, Private Cloud, HANA Appliances or HANA Tailored Data Centre Infrastructure (TDI), as well as Hybrid, which the majority of customers now operate across.

In a nutshell, it is people, processes and continuous innovation that drives us. We are an agile, focused team who concentrate on and enable beyond the technology. Long term customer relationships and partnerships are a key part of achieving this through business understanding, insight, analysis and shared objectives.